What did they eat in the Stone Age?

The Stone Age might not have been a fun time to live in for our ancestors, but finding out about it has been an enjoyable experience for year 3! The children were very excited to go hunting and gathering on St Davids school field with their “spears” and “baskets”. Unfortunately, woolly mammoths and wild boar were few and far between in West Wickham, but the children were successful in finding a whole selection of pictures of the food that Stone Age people would have eaten.

The children were also inspired to create their own cave paintings and tried to decipher the messages conveyed in the drawings, and they even built their very own paper models of Stonehenge.

This enthusiasm for finding out about the people of the Stone Age has resulted in lots of questions about the Bronze Age and the Iron Age which we will be learning about in the coming term. Questions such as “What kind of tools were made out of bronze?” “What did they eat?” “Why did they build stone circles?” “What were iron age houses like?” “What did warriors wear to go into battle?” We will be using pictures, information books, video clips and laptops to try and answer some of these questions.

In their history lessons, Year 3 are demonstrating many of the skills needed to be self-motivated, curious and independent learners.