Life in Pre-Reception to Year 2 is all about engaging and encouraging the desire to learn. From the start of your child’s school career, our focus is on capturing their imagination and enthusiasm, tapping into their natural energy and curiosity and helping them to become an independent learner.

At St David’s our experienced and committed staff encourage the children to take the first vital steps of their formal education, laying the foundations for a happy and rewarding school life.

“Every new day brings its challenges but teaching Pre-Reception children also brings numerous rewards.  We are constantly able to experience things with these youngest children in the school, often for the first time.  Each day brings about new developments, new funny moments and new opportunities to share.  Leading Pre-Reception children at the start of their St David’s journey teaches us to embrace the unexpected parts of life and accept the things we have no control over.  These young children are hilarious, frighteningly honest and amazingly, they still believe in magic!

We love our jobs and our aim is to ensure that we give all our children in Pre-Reception a happy and enjoyable experience  An experience that will help them grow and develop into responsible, creative and resilient learners.

Pre-Reception Teacher

Children learn best when they are happy and engaged so education in Pre-Prep is full of fun. Fresh challenges and adventures along the way help our children to discover a love of learning.

Our extensive grounds offer lots of space for running around and letting off steam, as well as providing a valuable learning resource.