Children laughing on log
St Davids Prep, Kent, Sports

Extensive grounds in residential West Wickham

Set in the heart of residential West Wickham, St David’s best-kept secret is its extensive grounds.

Behind the school, and hidden from the road, lie six acres of grounds and playing fields, a green oasis ringed with beautiful mature trees, in which flocks of escaped parakeets have made their home.

This is, of course, where all our games lessons and matches are held, either on the grass pitches, or on the courts. But it is also a wonderful learning resource across the curriculum, as the children are able to explore the natural world around them. Our Forest School area, outdoor stage and reflective Rainbow Garden all add to the sense of awe and wonder for our pupils, as they enjoy being outside in nature.

Just as important, our grounds provide a wonderful space for free time. It is a place where adventures are played out, friendships are made, climbing frames conquered and lessons learnt; a lovely space that allows the children to stretch their legs as well as their minds, and balance mental concentration with physical freedom.