St Davids Prep, Kent
St Davids Prep, Kent

Meet the Pre-Prep team

Meet the Pre-Prep Team, the form teachers and subject specialists that provide such an engaging and exciting learning experience for our boys and girls.

Jayne Grainge, Head of EYFS and  Reception Teacher

Coming from a family of teachers, Jayne’s particular interest is within the Early Years.  Jayne also has a love of elocution and drama, having won many cups and medals in various festivals as a child and young adult. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the theatre, reading and going on country walks.

She says: I am proud of my profession and appreciate the extreme importance of the work I do. I’d like to think of myself as approachable, enthusiastic and caring, with the good sense of humour essential for this job.  Our role here is to focus on the all-round development of children in our care, supporting them in their quest for independence and encouraging their various endeavours.

Lynne Kinnes, Year 1 Form Tutor and Maths Co-ordinator

After a brief career in marketing, Lynne trained as a teacher in 2002. Since then she has combined bringing up two children with working at a variety of schools in the Bromley area, teaching all ages from Reception to Year 6. Outside of school life, Lynne enjoys sports, especially netball, tennis and badminton. Family life is very important and she enjoys spending weekends and holidays with her family and taking her dog for long walks!

She says: From my first visit to St David’s I knew this school was a special place! The staff manage to create a truly friendly atmosphere and a caring environment which ensures that every child has the opportunity to really shine.

Debbie Wright, Year 2 Class Teacher and SENCO

After completing her BEd at Birmingham University, Debbie spent the first 12 years of her teaching career at a school in Merton for pupils ages 3-19 years old with learning difficulties. She was fascinated by the psychology of learning and through part time study with the Open University she completed a Psychology degree, followed by a Masters in Education. Since joining St David’s in 1996 she has taught across all of Pre-Prep and Lower Key Stage 2, had responsibility for several curriculum areas and enjoyed co-ordinating the SEN provision. Outside of school she enjoys spending time with family and her menagerie of animals to look after at home!

She says: At St David’s, I feel privileged to work with such lovely pupils and their parents. There is a real sense of family within the school. We are lucky to have a beautiful school field and it is a pleasure to be out there on a sunny day watching the children enjoying the space.

Linda De Freitas, EYFS Teaching Assistant

Pre-Prep staff in 2014 having previously been a parent and PTA Committee member for many years. Before taking a career break to look after her children, she had been a partner in a City law firm, so taking on the role of Reception Teaching Assistant was a real change of direction.

Linda says: ‘ Since working with Mrs Grainge, I now realise that teaching is a far more demanding job than that of a city solicitor.  However it is the most enjoyable and rewarding job I have ever done.  I am with the children throughout the morning and whether I am guiding them through their literacy and numeracy work, or helping them put on their wellies, it is a daily privilege to be helping to develop these lovely children whilst becoming an important part of their school experience and their learning journey.’

Judy Thorpe, Teaching Assistant

Judy joined Pre-Prep in 1999 and has really enjoyed her role ever since, working with pupils and inspiring teachers.   Her passion for art and an earlier career in retail display has benefited her to encourage pupils in their creativeness and she takes every opportunity to assembly displays of pupils’ art work.

She is a collector of old pottery, has a fascination with Japanese traditions and would like to visit Kyoto one day.  Her family gives her immense pleasure and she loves to spend time with them during the holidays.  She enjoys relaxing with a good historical fiction book, visiting galleries and pottering in her garden with her cat.

She says: ‘my days are very rewarding, in all aspects of my roles, and it is a pleasure working with our lovely pupils.  I enjoy being a part of their progress and achievements, however small or large.


Pamela Woodhouse, Teaching Assistant

Pamela works in both Prep and Pre-Prep and she says it is her ‘dream job’.

She comments:  ‘not only do I get to know and work with everyone across this amazingly friendly school, but I also get to use all the skills and knowledge gained in my Open University studies.  The staff here are incredibly supportive of each other, which seems to have rubbed off on the children’s approach to one another, resulting in daily acts of kindness.  Who wouldn’t want to work and learn in such an atmosphere!


Helen Younger, Teaching Assistant

Helen gained her diploma in 1996 and having worked in several schools and pre-schools in the local area, she feels very privileged to now be working at St David’s.

Helen says: ‘ Since joining the school in September 2017, I have been made to feel a very valued member of staff.  St David’s is a very happy friendly school and I have settled in very quickly.

The staff believe in working together to meet the aims of the school whilst working towards common goals.  I believe in encouraging children to be able to live up to their potential whilst promoting their education and care.  I look forward to seeing the children grow in confidence and knowledge throughout their time at St David’s.’

In her spare time she enjoys eating out (by the way she says the school dinners are fantastic!), theatre trips and holidays abroad.

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