Year 6 pupils are self-motivated learners!

When under pressure, do you buckle or is it your finest hour?

I’m sure we have all read the countless articles in the media about how much UK youngsters are tested, however love it or hate it, it is part of life. When given the opportunity to shine, to demonstrate how much progress they have made, our Year 6 pupils are streets ahead of many.

I have learnt that I work at a steady pace… I know that I take more time and care when reading texts”

“Under pressure, I can adjust and work methodically through all the questions in a test”

“I have learnt that I can actually handle the time well in maths and English although I realised with my left-over time I should check more thoroughly.”

“I need to check my work more than once because I spotted a mistake.”

“In a test situation I usually get nervous but I feel confident now.”

“Keep calm or you might rush or panic.”

“Concentration is the key and mine has improved”

“I can get quite nervous but five minutes into the test I get better.”

“I have actually enjoyed doing some tests; I found them fun.”

The final year of St David’s has been described as “A year in which everything ‘comes together’, a year not to be missed!” Previous years have prepared them well and they never fail to astound us with their maturity and perseverance.

Within the classroom, Year 6 are expected to lead their own learning and school experience. They are given a growing sense of independence and overall awareness of the wider world. They are afforded opportunities to present and debate in front of an audience. They peer teach, coach one another, make their own learning choices and make decisions regarding homework tasks. Through all this they are gently guided, encouraged, instructed, informed and sometimes cajoled!

So whether working collaboratively on mountain range presentations, discovering the ……. world of politics as members of a political party preparing potential candidates for election or relishing the challenge of maths problems in pairs, St David’s pupils take it all in their stride knowing they are supported in being leaders or their own learning.