Year 5’s Assembly

Manger, bouger – c’est bon pour la santé

The message ‘Healthy eating and being active are good for your health’ was the theme of Year 5’s French assembly this week. Children greeted those gathered in the hall in several different languages including Hindi, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Italian, English and… French!

Year 5 did an excellent job performing roles in which they held short conversations in French based on the question, ‘What do you do to stay healthy?’ Answers ranged from ‘I swim’, ‘I practise judo’ and ‘I play tennis’ to, ‘I don’t watch TV’ and ‘I don’t drink sugary drinks.’ Swimming goggles, flippers and Irish dancing costumes appeared and props included tennis rackets, footballs and toy dogs.

The rap song the children sang and danced to gave them the opportunity to sing in French as well as demonstrating their British Sign Language skills – just another language to add to the list…