World Cup Blog!

When Mrs Blaza and I first discussed a blog for Year 4, little did we know what a fantastic response we would have!

In true blog style, here goes:

11.6.18 First posts up including ‘Fun Facts‘ about the World Cup and over the next few days attracts over 80 comments!

14.6.18 ‘Today’s the Day!‘ – the post gets 40 comments

14.6.18 ‘Est-ce-que la France va gagner la Coupe du Monde?‘ gets 16 comments -many in French! (Merci, Madame Skelton!)

15.6.18 Year 4 add to their blog in school and we are up 136 comments on our blog!

16.6.18 The blog changes its appearance and new categories of posts are added

18.6.18 The blog commentary during the England v. Tunisia match from Michael and Alice is fantastic!

It is wonderful that over half the Year 4 children have now blogged with such enthusiasm and thought from home as well.

Thank you so much to all the Year 4 parents for your support.

Special mention to Charan and Elianna for having so many comments ‘approved’ and a huge thanks to Mrs Blaza for her wonderful enthusiasm!

Do keep blogging! The World Cup has not yet finished!