What topic will Year 3 be doing in Geography?

Could Year 3 identify where in the world Kenya was and what it would be like to live there?

To begin this new topic the children were shown a selection of photographs taken in Kenya. Wildlife, local townships, 5 star holiday resorts, game reserves and local tribes men and women.
They started the lesson by taking part in a ‘silent discussion’, where they had to walk around the classroom looking at the pictures. This was in complete silence and they had to write down on a piece of paper, next to the photos, anything they knew or could see in the pictures or any questions they would like to ask. Then, by looking at the common words that were written they could work out their new topic!
Finally, they were all given a ‘snowflake’ sheet which consisted of eight statements about Kenya. By putting a dot on the line of the statements they felt were correct and then joining those dots they were able to see how much they all knew about Kenya and compare their ‘snowflake’ shape with their friends.
They all thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and Miss O’Sullivan was encouraged by their knowledge and the wonderful questions they asked.