What exciting things have Year 4 been involved with this year?

Year 4 have worked incredibly hard and hopefully had great fun whilst learning. In addition to their daily dose of maths and literacy, the pupils have had the opportunity to “become” Medieval peasants and Roman soldiers, they have produced their own Van Gogh-style paintings, “made” music using pots and other everyday items, and even shared their pets with the rest of the school. They shone in drama and sport and embraced many of the extra-curricular clubs on offer such as chess, computers, art, hockey, football and various music lessons.

School trips included West Wickham Library, the National Gallery (where we were treated to an expert’s talk on Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”) and the Science Museum (the excitement on the children’s faces in the photos speaks for itself). However, we did not need to leave the school premises to have adventures. Numerous lessons took place on the field since the children were inspired by the outdoor learning environment and creativity in words and pictures soon flowed (see photo).

As well as building on the core skills acquired lower down the school, Year 4 have challenged themselves in many ways and, as a result, are now prepared for all that awaits them in Year 5. Over to you, Miss Bonner and Mrs McHugh…