The Tempest!


By Rosheen Venables (parent Y6 & Y4)

Last week saw the long-awaited Year 6 play ‘The Tempest’ brought to life by the children. A Shakespearean play acted by 10 and 11 year olds is no mean feat, but the performances were marked by the commitment of the children, the staff and their parents. Each child embraced their roles, faultlessly delivered their lines and most importantly did it with huge smiles on their faces. It was lovely to see. But it’s more than that. The play marks the beginning of the end of the children’s journey at St David’s. It’s a rite of passage that embodies friendships, team work and tenacity. They are now almost too mature for St David’s, but they will take what they’ve learnt here with them on their next adventure as they navigate their way through senior school. As a parent, that’s all we can ask for.

What was also striking was that every teacher was there, from Pre-Prep through to Prep, contributing their time and effort as make up artists, prompters, photographers or lighting and sound technicians. And that’s because they care. Year 5 students were also there to support them in their singing and of course, next year their time will come. Sitting there I realised that the play exemplifies what St David’s does so well: nurturing, encouraging and instilling resilience and confidence. Showing the merits of working as a collective to achieve a common goal.

Ultimately, however, the final applause was for the actors. Take a bow Year 6, the stage is yours, well done on such a tremendous effort! You did it!