The British Museum

Our Year 3 classes have been eagerly studying Ancient Egyptians this year so it only made sense to take them on a trip to the British Museum this term.

After an exciting train journey into London town, the students then took a bus and arrived at the Museum just in time for their workshop on Ancient Egyptian life. They were shown examples of the different types of toys and musical instruments children their age might have played with and discussed why the Egyptians wore so much jewellery and what it might signify.

After lunch they were able to explore the galleries as they tried to find the many hieroglyphs etched into the statues as well as artefacts used by the Egyptians in every day life. Furthermore, having learnt about mummification in class earlier that same week, and doing their own experiment on mummifying some tomatoes in class, most of the children were eager to see the mummies in real life and there were plenty to choose from.

It was a long but exciting day putting their learning into action, seeing things they’ve been talking about in class up close in real life. There really is a certain magic about a school trip especially when you have such enthusiastic teachers like Mrs Bishop and Mr Mogul who were able to enlighten the children about so much history as the day unfolded.