Meet our Year 6 Entrepreneurs

There’s an amazing buzz in the year 6 classroom this week as we have now embarked on the challenging but enjoyable Wishford Young Business Enterprise Award. Earlier in the week, the classroom was awash with paper, sketches, doodles, lists, initial ideas, discussions, heated exchanges and general excitement. Without wishing to give too much away at this stage – watch this space for news for of exciting initiatives for the whole family!

Let’s allow the children to speak for themselves.

“….learning new skills, working with others and using everyone’s ideas to produce the best business”

“when (Yr6) did it last year, I knew we’d do it well” “We can improve on last year!”

“I’m really excited to be part of it” “This could change our entire lives”

“This opportunity will help us in our future”

“This is competitive – like business – the experience needs enthusiasm and co-operation”

“It will be hard and probably stressful……..bring it on!”

“I love being in groups having the chance to set up a business”

“The enterprise gives children a taste of what advertising is like and responsibility ready for high school”

“Creating ideas , developing skills and working together is motivation for my future