Meet our Heads of School

Hello, my name is Florence and I joined St David’s Prep in Year 3. Since then I have done so many memorable things; performed in the O2 Arena, competed for LAMDA awards and represented my school in elite cross country.
All the years I have been here have felt warm, with a family feeling. Life isn’t all about achieving, it is about having true friends you can trust and enjoy the great moments with.
If I had not come to St David’s Prep I would not know what I really loved, here I have figured out my strengths and weaknesses and loved every minute.
I would recommend St David’s to everyone!

Hello, my name is Ben and I’m Head Boy this year at St David’s Prep. I was quite nervous when I joined in Year 4 because I had no idea who anyone was at first but I very quickly settled in as I made many friends and now everyone in my class is my friend.
Some of the best things about St David’s are that all the pupils and staff are willing to help you when you need to be encouraged, they are so kind and we get to do a lot of activities and sports outside in the lovely grounds. Another good thing about St David’s, is the different subjects that we learn about and the teachers make it a lot of fun which helps us learn.
Being in St David’s is a pleasure and if a child came up to me and asked me, ‘Why should I join this school?’ I would recommend joining because the learning is amazing and if you are trying to get your child into a good secondary school, this is the place for you. Almost certainly, your child will excel in their knowledge. The staff team are lovely and very reliable and they will do a great job of looking after you. It would be great to see you and your child here.