Ephemeral Art for Reception

In Reception the children have been learning about ‘Ephemeral Art’, understanding that their pictures would be temporary and would remain outside. ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ provided us with the ideal opportunity…

We went on a nature walk around the school with the children collecting items from the ground; fallen leaves, petals, twigs, cones, acorns, conkers, seeds, etc.

When we returned with full bags they each chose an area to create their picture. First they emptied their bags and reviewed their collection of materials. We encouraged the children to plan and make decisions about what they would like to create. As the children made their pictures, we reminded them about shapes and textures.

They made an amazing assortment of pictures, changing their strategies as needed. We looked at the photos on the television afterwards where they reviewed their own masterpieces and enjoyed each other’s.

A great experience for everyone!