Computing and Robotic Highlights!

Highlights of the year – Computing and Robotics 2017-18

Well – some year! We started the Autumn term with brand new Lego Mindstorm EV3 robot kits and very quickly with a group of keen Year 6 we started to build and program them. It was fantastic to see Year 6’s enthusiasm and attention to detail as we met several extra times in the week to see what we could do. Team picked, the maximum of ten, we entered our first ever FLL (First Lego League) competition where precision and teamwork was at the fore to take part in a series of challenges, many to do with Hydrodynamics. One of many highlights was when our own robot set off and with its custom-built hook , picked up the correct water-pipe and returned it to base! Cheers from the crowd and our team ensued! And what a team – they learned a lot about robotics and about coopertition (co-operative competition). They did St. David’s proud.

From Reception upwards there has been such

great support from the whole community with teaching online safety. A new leaflet was launched which all families Year 2 upwards signed as a pact to help keep children safe online wherever they are. The response was fantastic and I was delighted that when Mr Easterbrook came from Wishford, he was impressed with the children’s understanding of this vital area. It is central to all we do at St. David’s.

The most rewarding part of the year has been to witness the joy of learning, great use of technology, pioneering success, and resilience when things do not work out. Perhaps more than in any other area we all need to understand it is alright to have a go and ‘fail’. All those who then keep trying or debugging are the stars. It was wonderful to award the Computing cup to Neha in Year 6 for all her dedication and hard work in programming and also the Computer cup to Nic for his terrific enthusiasm and skill.