Clubs and activities

Find out all about the extracurricular clubs and activities available to the girls and boys at St David’s Prep, extending their interests and challenging them to try new things.

MonFootball7.45-8.45am4-6£40Mr Hunter
TuesHockey7.45-8.45am4-6£40Lovegrove Academy
(by invitation)
10.45-11.15am3-6FreeMrs McHugh
Cross Country10.45 - 11.15am3 & 4
(5 & 6 optional)
FreeMr Hunter, Mr Bonner, Miss O'Sullivan
STEM ClubLunchtime5 & 6£20.Mrs Foulger
Art & CraftLunchtime3 & 4£20MrsMerritt
Quiz Club3.45 - 4.30pm3, 4, 5, 6£40.Mrs Skelton
WedChoir (last session 24th January)8-8.50am3-6£40Mrs Sowter
Computing/LegoroboticsLunchtime3 & 4£20.Mrs Campbell
Latin Club
by invitation
Lunchtime5 & 6FreeMrs Blaza
Puzzle Club
by invitation
Lunchtime5Free.Mrs Kinnes
Grade 1 and above
7.45 - 8.40am3-6£40Mr Bryant
Art & CraftLunchtime1 & 2£20.Mrs Merritt
Computing/LegoroboticsLunchtime6£20Mrs Campbell
Computing/Legorobotics3.45-4.45pm5£40Mrs Campbell
FriDrama/Lamda7.45- 8.40am4, 5, 6£65Miss Willingale (Spotlight)
Cross Country10.45-11.15am5 & 6
3 & 4 Optional
Free.Mr Hunter, Miss Bonner, Miss O'Sullivan
Music10 individual
1-6£195Mrs Sowter
Music theory3-6£66Mrs Sowter
Recorder2-6£52Mr Bryant